Ben, really?

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Ben, really? Coulda swore you said they were from way earlier, anyway yea.. this is why I said I should probably read everyone’s stuff at least up till the point when their characters get pulled to tOT (and by then I’ll probably be hooked)

Also.. me trying to explain why I didn’t mess up your characters too bad was wrong, I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to have it come off as that but rereading the things I said earlier I think it may have come off that way. Eventually we’ll get the hang of writing for the other characters but man it’s really hard to capture both the characters behavior and the writers style. That’s why I tried to not write too much dialogue, was Samuels fear really the only thing I got too far off? Because then I’d say I did better than I thought I would’ve 😓

Really excited to see what Apex and Sandy (muhahaha bad nickname! I’m not really calling you that don’t worry 😆) write for chapters 6-7!

LLTCCATOT!! (Still looks like we are endorsing cat tator tots ..)


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