The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

-Chapter 73-

You are my sunshine…

Crimsons eyes opened. Darkness stretched through the den, everyone in the cave sleeping soundly. Crimson rolled over to get a better look at the entrance, where a small amount of moonlight shone through. Few hours to dawn. A cold breeze flew through the cave, cool and chilling against Crimsons scales. She rubbed her eyes with her wrists, still feeling very, very tired.

Why did she even bother trying to sleep? She hadn’t gotten any real rest for days, and all of these crowded and claustrophobic catastrophes were not helping with anything.

My only… sunshine…

Agh. Rust began to snore from the corner of the cave. Crimson rolled her eyes and climbed around Spark and Nyx, her tail dragging behind her, as she made her way to the caves entrance. She needed some air.

You make me


when skies are gray…

Crimson stepped out of the burrow, lifting her snout to the ice-cold air. The thin, claw-shaped moon beamed down on her. she closed her eyes, letting out a heavy sigh through her nose.

Then she heard something… something echoing from far away.

You’ll never know dear…

Crimson froze.

How much I love you…


Please don’t take my sunshine away.

She turned in a slow circle, searching for the source as the song went on. At last, she stopped, listening to the words as they were sung her way. Slowly, she went towards the music, acrossed the clearing, passed a few burrows, down a tunnel…

Around the corner and into a small cave.

A Shadowmane lay against the back wall of the cave, a baby Shadowmane curled up beside her. She set one paw over it, singing the song Crimson had known all her life.

Crimson stood there, watching the Shadowmane.

“…You make me happy, when skies are…” She noticed Crimson standing in the entrance and looked up in surprise.

The two stared at each other for a few short seconds. “You’re one of the Five,” The Shadowmane said.

“I guess so,” Crimson answered quietly.

“Can I help you?” The other carnivore asked.

Crimson shook her head. “No, I just—” she swallowed silently. “You have a very beautiful voice.” She said truthfully.

The Shadowmane smiled. “Thankyou. It’s one of my favorite songs. My parents would sing it to me all the time.”

Crimsons eyes unfocused, staring into space. “Mine too.”

“They must be very nice parents.”

“Yeah.” Crimson said softly. “They were.”


the other night dear

as I lay sleeping…

I dreamed I held you

In my arms…

When I awoke dear

I was mistaken.

So I hung my head

And I cried.

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