The Obelisk

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The Obelisk

-Chapter 65: Part 2-

He pulled his arm further back. Baring his teeth, he imaged slicing his claws through the Emperors body.

“Midnight, no!”

He slammed his eyes shut. The nightmare. The nightmare. his cousin leaping in the way. Umber screaming as Midnight’s talons raked acrossed his chest. ‘It was an accident.’

He forced his eyes open and grinded his teeth together. His breathing quickened, his heartbeat throbbing through his head. ‘Come on. Come on! Kill him! kill him now!’

But his talon was as far back as it could get, and it did not move. He stared down in rage and sadness and terror at the quiet, sleeping Terror bird.


The roar echoed through the room, causing the Emperor to wake up. he blinked rapidly, rubbing his eyes with the edges of his wings.

But by the time he lifted his head to scan the room for the noise, all was quiet, and the assassin was gone.

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