Protectors of Pandora

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Protectors of Pandora

Chapter 40 ~the serpents are back!~

Nash glid? glode? glided? Through the jungle, many creatures looked at him in awe, they had either heard of or seen his fight with the Rhyniognatha, or they were admiring his shiny armor and the artifact he was carrying. He flew all the way up to the mouth of the cave, and then landed and walked because he was tired of flying, he wasn’t used to the extra weight (especially with having to carry the artifact) so his wings were killing him. “Who goes there!” Screeched a onyc lookout. “Tis I, the one who was sent to fetch thou’s plundered artifact… is my friend well?” Nash said nervously. “Oh. you, he’s on deaths door, id hurry if I “‘twas”’ you.” The onyc said rudely. Nash glared at him and carried on. “Nassh!” Said a sea serpent, “you’ve returned! Hurry Sseasscale is hanging by a thread!” He said. Nash gave the artifact to the little onyc king and turned to Seascale, he was looking pale, grey and sky blue rather than his usual black and cyan. The king placed the artifact next to some withered grass. The grass immediately started to rise, and glow the same green as the artifact. “Now we just need to use the mortar and pestle.” The little king said. “I have one with me!” Fin said (he’s the sea serpents cook, in case you forgot.. I did till I read past chapters just now..) he ground up the herbs into a paste and then fed it to seascale, the color of his scales slowly returned to him and he coughed a few times and gasped, “that tasstess.. awful.. not your besst work Fin..” he said. Fin laughed and the other serpents cheered. “Whatss with the awessome armor?” Seascale asked Nash. “Lot happened while you were gone friend.” Nash said. “Guess so.. how long wass I out?” He asked. “Almost three days, I cut it close..” Nash replied. “What happened to Sskyla?” He asked. “I-I don’t know..” Nash said sadly, “w-we were attacked, and she led the beast away to save me. I hunted the fowl creature down and slew it but.. i never saw her.” He continued. “Well,” Seascale said sitting up, “we better go ssearch.” He said. “Your still injured, you need rest.” Nash said. “No, what I need iss to not lose anyone elsse.” Seascale said.

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