Protectors of Pandora

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Protectors of Pandora

Chapter 26 ~the Queens lies~

Ping and his pengujas (as they were calling themselves) were crouching on the ledge of a cliff overlooking the plateau that led up to the ice wyvern scar. The five were trying to assess how many troops the queen had, or at least they thought they were, really Rob was just sick of their antics and sent them on a fools errand. “It looks like they’ve got six dots over there.. a smudgy over there and a few specs..” Ping said, this may sound like an odd thing to say, it was because he was using his flippers as binoculars and they were quite far away. “You see specks? I don’t see nothin” an older kairuku with a scratchy voice named Wan said. Another kairuku looked at him and lifted his flippers off of his eyes. “Oh that’s betta.” He said. “Hehehe they’ll never see us we are so camoflaged!” trickster said (trickster was accurately named) “I know! They are so dumb!” another kairuku named Lee said. In reality, all eyes were on them the kairukus neglected to realize that black paint doesn’t work very well as camouflage in the middle of the day in the snow.. the creatures on the battlements just watched them curiously, kairukus weren’t a threat so there was no point in attacking. “Hey guys is dat da queen?” Ping pondered, he pointed out at a wyvern that had climbed the battlements, she was looking back and forth between the kairukus and one of the soldiers, she looked worried and she was speaking frantically. “HA! THE QUEEN TREMBLES IN FEAR OF OUR MIGHT” a loud confident kairuku said, his name was Quan. “Why would a queen fear kairukus..?” Ping asked looking at the others. “I dunno maybe it’s the paint.” Lee said.

“Ma’m,” a chalicotherium (hope I spelled that right) guard said. “Yes subject?” The queen asked. “There are intruders, about 20 meters from the battlements.” He said. “Who are they? What are they..” she said sounding slightly worried. “They appear to be kairukus smothered in black dye..” the guard said “are they armed!?” The queen asked with a tinge of terror in her voice. “Uh ma’m.. you do know what a kairuku is right?” The guard asked. “Um of course,” she said composing herself. The two walked to the battlements and got up on them looking over at the kairukus. “Why are they in all black?!” The queen asked scared again. “No idea.. should we seize them?” He asked “no it could be a trap, they could be ninjas!!” The queen said in a shrill voice. “Ma’m I hope I’m not speaking out of line, but kairukus.. ninjas..” the guard said. “SHSHSHHHH they could read lips!” She said covering their conversation with her wing.

“I think she said, “‘hurry I want some chips’” ” Wan said. “What’s a chip?” Ping asked. “No idea.” Wan replied.

“Ok now they can’t listen in..” she said sounding relieved but still worried. “Ma’m I really don’t think it’s a threat but if you think so I could ge-” “SHSSHAHSHASHHHH someone could be listening!” She said, her coo had suddenly changed from a royal albeit scared voice to that of a stereotypical teenaged girl. “Ma’m who could be listening.” He said in a more disrespectful voice. “A n y o n e….” She said. “Ok fine I’ll send some direbears to run em off..” he said with a sigh.

“Hm wonder what they are saying under there..” Lee pondered. “I don’t know, wait.. two of those smudges are coming at us!” Ping said. “They aren’t smudges! They’re bears!!” Trickster yelled. And then he pengujas ran away honking and screaming.

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