Heroes of Pandora

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Heroes of Pandora

Chapter 22

“Ok I.. ga-thered all th-u f—ish,” Ping said exhausted, “why do we need 100 salmon?” He continued. “It’s only 56 Ping.” Jaxz said. “Same diff, it was a lot.” Ping said. “We need the fish to lure Bones here,” Jaxz said “pile them up over there, I’m going to go.. gather something to.. sweeten the deal.” He said. “YOUR GONNA SUCK PEOPLES BLOOOD!?!” Ping said. “What?! No, I told you I don’t suck blood, I made this blood transfuser, he pulled a transfuser out of his pack, and showed it to Ping, I’m only taking from willing donors.” Jaxz said. “Oh ok.” Ping said.

Jaxz was gone for all of an hour, then he returned, with packs, and packs of blood. “How did you get so much?” Ping asked. “There was a herd of brontosaurus that said they’d rather Bones eat fish, and not them, so they happily agreed to donate some blood packs.” Jaxz replied, he then coated the pile of fish with the blood, then they waited in a tree.. and waited… Jaxz echolocated every now and then but nothing, eventually it was night.. and when they had almost given up, Jaxz heard something.

“Can you get me out of the tree so I can go to sleeep I’mm tiredd.” Ping said whining. “Wait do you hear that?” Jaxz said. “Hear what?” Ping asked. “That.” Jaxz replied. Jaxz sat up in the tree, (which he was previously resting upside down on) he screeched into the forest, then twitched his ear. “I see him!” Jaxz said. “I don’t see anything.” Ping said. “I see him with my echolocation.” Jaxz said. Then Bones burst out of the tree line with a roar, bark, and shattered wood flying everywhere, he then walked up to the fish slowly, he wasn’t stupid, and knew random blood covered saber-tooth salmon was a little.. fishy.

“Anyone there?” Bones said. “I’m warnin ya’s I’ll make you sleep with these fish.” He continued. “that most certainly won’t be necessary,” Jaxz said, “those fish are yours we just wanted to ask you a favor in return.”

“Who said that..” Bones said. Jaxz went back to his upside down position in the tree, Ping tried to do the same.. but fell because he can’t hang upside down in trees.. “ouch..” He said. Both Bones and Jaxz looked at the fallen kairuku with pitty, then looked back at each other. “What is it you want..” Bones said digging into the fish. “Not much, just thought you might want a part in taking down the apex creature of Pandora” Jaxz said. “WHAT!” Bones said. “WHO OTHER THAN ME COULD BE THE APEX!” He exclaimed. “The dragon” Jaxz said. “So the dragon thinks he’s the new boss eh, guess I’ll have to help you ice him…” Bones said. “Ice him?” Ping said. “You want to cover him in ice?” He said. “Kill him! ice him means kill him..” Bones said. “Ohh” Ping said. “Ok if I’m comin with ya’s, the kairuku is gonna have to zip his trap.” Bones said. “Good luck..” Jaxz said. “Ya good luck! Cuz I don’t have a trap.” Ping said.

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