Protectors of Pandora

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Protectors of Pandora

Chapter 47 ~in a hole lot of trouble~

Sir Charles slowly opened his eyes, his vision was blurry at first at he blinked to clear it. Once he did he saw that they were in a cage, well a makeshift cage really, it was just random pit with steep walls that they couldn’t climb with a grate of rusty iron on top, above the grate was a rock ceiling, they must’ve been in a cave. Quan was angrily honking in the kairuku language, and most everyone else was still unconscious. “Where are we?” Charles asked Ron who was sitting in a corner. (His feathers were ruffled and he had a black eye.) “we’re in the mines, should’ve guessed purlovias would be the miners…” He said. “They were heavily trained fighters for miners..” Charles said. “Yes, they even defeated me! NOBODY DEFEATS ME!!!” Quan yelled. “Uh we just did, and quiet down in there!” A purlovia called down from above. “Oh? It is quiet you want?” Quan said mock sincerely, he then continued honking even louder than before. The guard moaned in annoyance. “Is anyone heavily injured?” Charles asked. “Ping and Richard, the purlovias moved them somewhere else, hopefully to care for their wounds..” Ron said. “What do we do now.” Evelin asked. “We hopefully get some answers, I’m guessing Alfred isn’t here or we would’ve been put in with other slave miners, but since the purlovias are the ones mining, he must not be here.” Ron said. “Perhaps we just haven’t been put in with them yet.” Charles said hopefully. (He knew it was unlikely but he wanted to find his friend.) “either way we gotta escape and find out what we can about Khar and Alfred’s whereabouts.” Ron said. “Maybe we should ask why they attacked us in the first place.” Lee said. They seemed to agree so he continued, calling up to the gaurd, “Why are we in here anyway? Why did you attack us?” He asked. “It was a preemptive strike, we knew why your here..” the gaurd said “and why is that?” “Your enemies of the monarchy, come to rob us of our precious metals, duh.” “No we’re not, we are actually all knights under her majesty, the Yeti queen.” Charles said. “What? Don’t you know there’s a new Queen?” “Actually she was just overthrown. By the original Queen.” Charles said. “You know what they say: out with the new in with the old!” Trickster said. “Ya, they don’t say that. (Groan) ohh I guess I’ll go ask the boss what we should do about you, if your telling the truth…” the guard said.

There was a long wait before the purlovia came back with his boss. “What’s this about a new Queen and you being knights or somethin.” The boss (who was an anky) said dismissively. Charles explained, “well then, I guess we better let you go then.” The anky said. The purlovias dug out a path for them to get out of the hole and started to fill it in. “Would you like a tour of the mine.” The ankylosaurus said in a depressed cold voice. “Umm sure?” Ron said. “Moleandre here can show ya around. Is the new Queen still wanting more of the same metal?” The anky asked. “I believe not, we don’t want any of that retched substance.” Charles said. The ankylosaurus rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed, “well that what do we do with the stuff!” He asked. “That’s none of our concern, destroy it, for all we care.” Charles said. The ankylosaurus scoffed and angrily stomped away grumbling to himself.

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