Heroes of pandora

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Heroes of pandora

Chapter 28 (I hope to end season 1 on a nice clean 30 but it may not work out.. also heroes of pandora, will make no sense for S2 so it may have a different name.. still thinking on that…)

They marched on to the red obelisk for about three days … or at least Ping thought so, it was only 5 hours.. the forest around red ob was dense, nobody could see the obelisk through the thick leaf cover, but they could hear it.., buzzing.., arcing.., charging. “I think we’re close now.” Caesar said. “I hope so, can’t barely see in front of my face!” The chief said. Then they heard a screeching roar. “What was that!?” One of the gigantopithicus asked. “A raptor?” Another said. “No it sounds electronic..” Caesar said. “Uh boys, I’m seeings a bunch of lights through the trees, they’re closing fast!” Bones said, (he was tall enough so he was looking over the trees) … … …

“AHHH” one of the sea serpents shouted, as he was being dragged into the forest by a flash of silver and red. “Tidefall!” Seascale shouted. “EVERBODY RUN!” Ron yelled, they ran through the woods as fast as they could, getting picked off by these blurrs of metallic color and lights one by one, until they reached a clearing, they could see the obelisk now, it’s red glow covering the landscape. “WE MAKE OUR STANT HERE” the chief said. Everyone grabbed their weapons, then fifteen tek raptors ran out of the forest. “What are thosse thingss” Seascale said. “They’re raptors, but.. robots?!” Caesar exclaimed. “Who cares what they are, just get em!” The chief said. They charged at the raptors, it was a brutal fight,

one of the raptors scratched the chiefs arm really bad, and in the end they went from a group of 40 to 16. But they were victorious, oil and blood soaked the battlefield. “Let’s harvest what we can from the raptors, then get out of here..” Caesar said. They moved on to the red obelisk, the obelisk was buzzing even louder now and they could see red lightning arcing around the great machine, and from what they could see it was the same with the other obelisks, they were charging up, reading for the end of this ark.

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