The Omega Timeline

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The Omega Timeline

Chapter 17: rising tensions

Part 3/3 (perspective of Queen Sylveevee)

‘Where did they go.. I should’ve just told them! Now they’ll never trust me…’ Sylveevee thought to herself. Moonhigh could see she was stressed. “What’s wrong?” She asked. “Nothing, I’m fine..” Sylveevee said.

“We need to talk.” Aragorn said, storming in the room with Samuel. “What’s wrong?” Neddy asked. “Queen Sylveevee, that’s what’s wrong. She’s hiding something, she can shapeshift. how do we even know she’s human?!” Samuel said. “Of course she’s human, she’s far to weak to be a creature.” Darkhide said. Drake gave him a threatening look. “I saw her shapeshift into a meganeura in front of my eyes!” Aragorn said accusingly. “Now now, let’s all just calm down and let Sylveevee explain.” Andrew said.

“It’s true.. I can shapeshift, I didn’t tell you because I was worried.” Sylveevee said. “Worried about what.” Emerald asked. “Worried you wouldn’t trust me if you knew, that’s why I told Drake and Syocean to not say anything about they’re abiliti-” “WHAT! they have powers too!” Erica said. “What else could they be hiding…” Aragorn said. “Who cares! It’s not like you don’t have crazy powers you didn’t tell anyone about either mister shadow.” Nova said. “Silence beast!” Freya said angrily.

They couldn’t see but the black obelisk was glowing brighter in the distance.

“Oh I’ll show you silence!” Nova yelled, she blasted a beam of light at Freya, who leapt out of the way, Buddy lunged at Nova, Aragorn grabbed Sylveevee with her own shadow and Drake shapeshifted into a reaper and lunged at him, Syocean shifted into Samuel and attacked him, Aurora tried to help Samuel but couldn’t tell who was the real Samuel. Moonhigh, Sunhigh, Neddy, and Ruby ran for cover in different directions. But eventually even they ran into the fray. “TRAITOR!” Emerald yelled at Darkhide. “I HAVENT EVEN DONE ANYTHING!” He yelled back.

Far away, Drain and Ember were heading towards the black obelisk, it was glowing tenfold of its usual glow. “You see! It beckons!” Drain said. “I think your right..” Ember said.

everyone who could fight was fighting, Sylas even turned on Erica, Jack verses Jay, Steve attacked Yang, it was a disaster. “ENOUGH!” Sheeri yelled, she blasted ice all over the room, stopping the fight. “Why are we turning on eachother! We should be working together! Has anyone noticed that Ember is gone?! Or were you too busy fighting eachother! “Wait what?” Yang asked. “BLAST! That dirty little Otter…” Steve said. “She’s right, why are we turning on eachother.. we’re even fighting amongst our own friends.” Andrew said. “What even happened, why would I attack Darkhide, well other than obvious reasons, but why now..” Emerald asked.

“We should split up.” Aragorn said. “What? Why?” Ariana asked. “If we can’t trust eachother we’re doomed.” Aragorn said. “Seriously?!” Sheeri said angrily. “I agree, I won’t be allies with one who would attack my Queen!” Drake said transforming back into a human. Everyone but Sheeri seemed to agree. “Ughh!” Sheeri growled and went upstairs. Jack and Jay were still on the ground fighting. “This is what you get for stealing my hat!” Jack yelled. “YOUR hat! It was mine! And that was like four years ago!!” Jay yelled back.

“Boys!” Ariana called. They stopped and got up glaring at each other.

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