The Omega Timeline

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The Omega Timeline

Chapter 17: tensions rising

Part 2/3 (perspective of Aragorn and Samuel)

“What if we hijacked an obelisk? We could hopefully get it to transport us back to our homes.” Samuel suggested. “No, to do that we’d need someone who knows how to work those things, and I don’t trust those People.” Aragorn said. The three of them were sitting in the bar, a room nobody but them had found yet. “True, but we might need to make alliances if we are to get the three of us off this place.” Samuel said. “And my family.” Aragorn said threateningly. “Yea, them too..” Samuel said. Star squawked and glared at Samuel. “And my allies.” Samuel said. Aragorn chuckled. “And I thought I didn’t trust anyone..” he said almost to himself. “I think we should leave. Tonight.” Samuel said. “And go where, with who?” Aragorn said. “Anywhere, I don’t trust them, any of them. Not the creatures and especially not that shapshifting Queen, how do we know if she is even human she could just be a shapeshifting creature looking like a human!” Samuel said. “I agree, but I don’t think some of my family would, same with your.. allies. Perhaps if we confronted her, get her to tell us what’s going on.” Aragorn said. “This is going to be tense…” Samuel said, “what if the creatures get mad and attack us?” He said. The room got darker for a moment. “I think we can hold our own.” Aragorn said.

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