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Through my Eyes: Danna the Direwolf

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Through my Eyes: Danna the Direwolf

Chapter 1

Deep breaths. That’s what I told myself as I watched our pack leader order us into attacking. Although the rex seemed harmless enough, it was still a rex. We began to close in, the rex began to flee. We followed close behind. Driving it strait for a cliff. For a split second, as the Rex turned to us in fear, I thought maybe it was weak, maybe we could take it on easily. But then, I saw the look in its eyes change and I knew our alpha had made a big mistake. Suddenly the rex turned on us. Before I could react the rex had already killed two of my pack mates. Crushing one and sending one catapulting off the edge of the cliff. I quickly retreated rushing past my panicked pack mates. I hopped on top of a rock and let out a loud howl, calling for my pack mates. We had to get out of here. Now with direction my pack mates quickly began to flee towards me. I howled for them to retreat. I was about to follow when I caught eyes with the rex. It looked at me for a moment. I wasn’t mad at it, I knew we shouldn’t have tried to take it. I broke eye contact with the rex and quickly followed my pack. At the time I didn’t know that this one rex would change my life forever. I’m Danna, a direwolf, and this is the story of my fight to the top.

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