Acid the Dilo part 23

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Acid the Dilo part 23

“Awwwww” I said as I looked down at tiny Cobra. Her proud parents, Acid and Sniper, stood behind her. Cobra started to run off but Acid hissed at her and she came back. “It’s ok Acid. Let her go play. I want you to come somewhere with me.” I said. Acid nodded and began to follow me. We walked slowly across the “yard”. Side by side. We didn’t walk tentatively or continuously glace over out shoulders like we had in the past. No, we new we were safe. One of my moschops ran by followed be my otter Pebbles. I smiled at them as they played, not worrying about their safety. “What an adventure we’ve been on, right Acid?” I began. Acid looked over at me and nodded again, a suspicious look on her face. “We went from cowering in the dark under a rock together...” “Well you cowered. I stood watch” Acid interrupted. “Ehm. Acid just listen.” I replied slightly annoyed. “Fine, please continue.” She said with a sigh. I cleared my throat and continued “Any ways we went from cowering in the dark, to fighting massive Theris and Carnos. We have journeyed all around this area. We’ve had laughs and we’ve shead tears. We’ve made friends and lost loved ones.” Acid looked down at the ground sadly. We both thought of the same Dilo. “It’s been fun.” “What are you doing?!” She finally asked. “I’m making a dramatic heartfelt exit for our readers!” I said back. “You mean the stories ending!” She replied in disbelief. “Well it’s been going on for a while and I just thought...” “No!! I’m not done yet. The stories barely begun! What about the Arctic! What about caves, dungeons, and bosses! What about my daughter Cobra! I still want to do so much.” Acid exclaimed. “Well...” I trailed off. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to do next. I still felt like such a noob. And surely people were beginning to get bored of the same old story plot, I mess up and Acid rescues me. Then it came to me. At the end of a book the characters don’t disappear, they move on and continue, the end of a story isn’t the end of the characters, it’s just where the reader leaves them. And that’s what I’m asking you to do. Acid is still here. In your heart and in my ark world. But it is time for her to leave and continue to adventure with out you. So good bye dear reader. It’s been an adventure.

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