Through my Eyes: Drake the Dimorphidon

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Through my Eyes: Drake the Dimorphidon

Chapter 5

I felt like a tiny ant, and I was used to being small, but this was just different. The trees grew so high it was like they where holding up the sky. I coward closer to Kate. She seemed to sense my unease because she started to talk softly. But she soon trailed off as her voice seemed unnaturally loud in the still forest. All I wanted to do was get back to my familiar beach and jungle that I had grown up in. But we pressed on. I was on high alert, every little rustle of leaves, ever little insect chirp sent a chill down my spin. So of course the moment I heard something bigger and louder I lost it. I launched myself off of Kate’s shoulder and flapped high into the safety of the trees above. It wasn’t until I was already high up that a feeling of dread creeped up my throat as I realized I had left Kate behind. I quickly spun around and looked down. Desperately searching for Kate. When I spotted her my heart stopped. She was standing there face to face with a survivor on a raptor! She wasn’t running or fighting, she was just standing there! I quickly dove down towards the rider. I plummeted right into him, nocking him off of his tame. I began to bite at his arm fiercely, but he had some sort of armor on. Then his raptor snapped at me, narrowly missing my wing. I cried out in fear and flapped away as fast as I could. I circled in the air a few times then quickly went to Kate’s side. “Why aren’t you running?” I wondered.

“Oh no are you ok?!” She said, but she wasn’t talking to me? She was talking to the rider. “Bad Drake Bad! Don’t do that!” She yelled, this time at me. She took a step towards the fallen rider but the raptor blocked her way and snarled. I snarled back, but made sure to keep my distance. Then the rider slowly sat up and whistled to his raptor. The raptor looked at him then stopped snarling and got out of the way. Kate walked forward and helped the rider up.

“That’s quite the dimorphidon you got there. He just came out of no where.” The rider said.

“Oh yeah, sorry about that.” Kate replied smiling. I looked from one to the other. One day we were running for our lives from another survivor, the next we were making friends. I wish they would make up their minds on wether to be friendly or not.

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