Through my Eyes: Drake the Dimorphidon

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Through my Eyes: Drake the Dimorphidon

Chapter 6

The next couple of days where crazy so I’ll just summarize. The rider took us back to a small hidden base where several others where hiding out. Apparently they had once been a large powerful tribe, but had recently been wiped out. There were only a few of them left. Why they let us in I still don’t understand. Which put me on edge almost all the time. But in the end I warmed up to them and we became part of their tribe. Me and Kate made a home with them. It was like being in a pack. Like when I still had my siblings. We looked out for each other. And there were plenty of other tames to play with. Finally I had a family again and I knew that whatever came my way, I would be ready for it. I’ll leave you here. But don’t worry, I have a feeling that there’s somebody else just dying to get your attention.

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