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Acid the Dilo part 2

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Acid the Dilo part 2

It was several days after my first encounter with a dilo. I was working on building a base. It was small and I hadnโ€™t gotten much done on it but hey! At least I had a place to call home. It was on this day that I first met Acid. I saw her first luckily and was the one that went after her. I armed myself with a club and made sure I had plenty of raw meat. I was going to tame this one. Acid let out a hissing screech and spat her venom at me. I dodged and began to bash at her with my mighty club. Unfortunately I didnโ€™t see the second fire and was blinded. Gritting my teeth and squinting my eyes I fought through the poison. I continued to swing at her with my club until finally, as the venomโ€™s effects began to subside she lay unconscious at my feet. I began to tame her and heal myself. But that Dilo still had one more trick for me before she would give up. Suddenly a second female Dilo came at me from no were. I didnโ€™t have enough hp to bother with taming. I hacked at her with an axe until she fell at my feet, stone dead. After that Acid woke up and I took in her grey body and yellow frill. I looked into her venom green eyes and said... try killing me now. Acid had to earn that special place in my heart that she now holds.

Part 3 coming soon!

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