Through My Eyes: Drake the Dimorphodon

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Through My Eyes: Drake the Dimorphodon

Chapter 1

Hey, my names Drake. I’m a dimorphodon. You’ve prolly seen my kind flapping around the beach or in the wooded forests. We’re not much for size or fright. But I’m not here to talk about my kind. I’m here to talk about me and my story. Your about to take an ark adventure through my eyes.

I was born in a sparsely wooded area near the beach. During my time there I met many players. Most of which were beach noobs. Oh how I loved to watch them scramble about doing their best to gather resources and just survive. I remember one in particular. I’m not sure why she stood out from the rest to me, she just did. I watched as she went around gathering up her tools and what not. “Hey! This little noob might just survive the night!” I thought as I saw her swiftly erect a shelter and smartly avoid Dilos and piranhas. Before I knew it, darkness began to descend on us. I flapped slowly back to my little nest in the forest leaving the player behind. My two siblings were already there. I smiled at them as I slumped into my nest and drifted off to sleep. Little did I know that what would happen tonight would completely change my life.

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