Through my Eyes: Steve the Stegosaurus

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Through my Eyes: Steve the Stegosaurus

Chapter 2

It was a perfect day. I was out with my best friend Riley, a rex, showing her how to be more fierce. That was a problem of hers, she was one of the biggest carnivores on the island and yet she was so nervous all the time. I was just beginning to get somewhere with her when I heard commotion coming from the far side of our base. I began to head over there to investigate. Suddenly it was like I was plunged into another world. Chaos broke out everywhere. Flying dinos swooped down from the air. Impossibly huge dinos broke through our walls, bullets swept the area, ripping anything or anyone in the way. I ran trying to avoid the bullets. Other tames and even tribe mates screamed in agony as the huge dinos raged through our defenseless base. A sudden wave of rage hit me. I charged at an attacking survivor on a slightly smaller mount. WACK! My tail smashed through the dinos legs. It cried out in pain and rage. I roared back and brought my tail around for another swing, but I never got the chance. Something huge rammed into me and sent me sailing through the air. I landed with a painful thud. I tried to move but I was trapped in between a cliff and one of our walls. I roared in frustration as I listened to my tribe being slaughtered and my base torn down to rubble. I donโ€™t know how long I was behind there, but eventually I managed to nock down the weakened wall. I blinked my eyes, trying to clear the dust and rubble from the fallen wall. When my vision cleared, I was horrified by the sight. Everything was gone. Bodies littered the rubble of our once magnificent buildings. I was all that was left. What would I do now?

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