Through my Eyes: Drake the Dimorphodon

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Through my Eyes: Drake the Dimorphodon

Chapter 3

I woke up to the pleasant smell of meat cooking. I slowly opened my eyes, I was laying next to a campfire in a very small thatch hut. Everything hurt and I could barely remember what had happened the night before. Let alone how I had gotten here. Not long after I had woke up I heard the door open. In stepped the female human I had been watching the night before. Although now she had a fresh bandage around her arm. โ€œHello there little buddy. Youโ€™ve had a rough night. Feeling better?โ€ She said in a soft soothing voice. I wanted to back away, to feel frightened at being so close to another creature. But something about her made me fell safe and calm, like everything was going to be just fine. I held perfectly still as she slowly reached out her hand and gently pet my head. She soon offered me a piece of raw meat which I greedily devoured. We spent about two weeks in that small thatch hut on the beach. During which the survivor, which I soon learned was named Kate, ran all over collecting what not. All the while I sat happily on her shoulder. Enjoying her company. Kate was the one that gave me my name, Drake. As the days past by we grew closer and closer. But like in any story, our peaceful little home could not stay peaceful for long.

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