Through my Eyes: Steve the Stegosaurus

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Through my Eyes: Steve the Stegosaurus

Chapter 3

The next few days were horrible. I had never felt so alone and helpless in my life. I didnโ€™t like the feeling of helplessness, it was unsettling. I couldnโ€™t bare another moment at my destroyed home. I had to move on. I traveled for awhile unhindered, but then I came to a swamp. I sniffed at the murky water. It stank like something dead. Hesitantly I began to a sludge through the water, my belly just above the muddy water. Bugs swarmed every where and I could here something swimming near by. I felt a tremor of fear go through my body, but then I pushed it down angrily. It was just a bit of grows water. Then out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of movement. I turned just in time to see a blur of movement leap towards me. I dodged to the side as quickly as possible. As the creature sailed just past me I felt something warm run down my side. I looked and saw the bright red of blood. I didnโ€™t have much time to react before the attacker was whirling around to come at me again. It was a creature I had never seen before. Some sort of alligator. It came at me again and I confidently swung my tail to intercept it. I could handle this. But it was fast! It ran under my tail with lighting speed and bit into one of my front legs with its massive jaws. Itโ€™s sharp fangs bit deep into the flesh of my leg and I began to hear bone crack. Crying out in pain I began to whirl around in circles trying to get loose. I swung my tail at it but it was two close to my body to get a good hit in. Again I felt sudden fear. Finally I ran up to a tree and slammed the creature into the trunk. It came off of my leg with an angry roar. It readied to leap at me again but then another even bigger creature came up out of the water. This thing I recognized, it was a sarco. With the first attackers full attention on me it never saw the sarco coming. The sarco snapped it up into its massive jaws, almost biting it in half. The sarco dragged the creature down into the murky water. I stood there in horror as I watched the water slowly still. Then I ran, or more accurately limped, as fast as I could away from there.

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