Through my Eyes: Drake the Dimorphodon

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Through my Eyes: Drake the Dimorphodon

Chapter 4

We where walking along the beach. Well Kate was walking, I was riding. But anyways it was a bright sunny day and we where happily enjoying each otherโ€™s company when I casually looked up and saw something circling in the sky. I let out a warning cry and Kate quickly looked up too. It didnโ€™t take long for me to identify what it was although I had only seen it once before. It was an argy. It must have sensed our eyes on it, because it began to swoop down towards us. Kate gave a cry of surprise and began to run towards our house. I clung desperately to her shoulder, casting quick glances behind us. It didnโ€™t take me long to identify the rider on the argy. I felt my panic beginning to rise as it grew closer and closer. We would never be able to out run it. My instincts suddenly took over and I leaped into the air and took flight. I circled around Kates head a few times then began to flap desperately towards the trees, hoping that Kate would follow. She did and we ran into the thickest part of the trees, leaving the argy and rider behind. Kate grabbed me and slid under a bush. We laid there on the cold ground for hours. When we finally came out it was almost night fall. Kate carefully picked her way through the trees back to the base, I flapped ahead making sure all was safe. When I came to our house my heart fell. Everything had been destroyed, there was nothing left. My home had been ripped away from me for a second time. When Kate saw it I saw hot tears run down her cheeks. But we didnโ€™t have long to morn, the argy and rider where still in the area and I had a feeling they would be often. It was time to find a new home again. At least this time I had Kate. Together side by side we went back into the forest to face what ever came at us as we searched for a new home.

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