Through my Eyes: Drake the Dimorphodon

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Through my Eyes: Drake the Dimorphodon

Chapter 2

It was midnight when I was jolted awake. Immediately I knew something was wrong. I felt the air as something come fly towards me and I just managed to roll out of my nest and crash to the forest floor below. I heard a sickening crack as what ever it was crashed into my home completely destroying it, along with my siblings. Splinters rained down on me, I had never been so frightened in my life. I took off into the air, flapping my wings as fast as I could. What ever had attacked my home was still right behind me. I burst out of the trees onto the beach that I had been on only hours before. I through a quick glance behind me. That was a mistake. I caught a glimpse of a two legged predator, like a Rex but smaller. Then it rammed into me sending me catapulting through the air. I crashed into the sand. The last thing I remember before I fell unconscious was the predator turning away from me and chasing a small two legged creature down the be

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