Through my Eyes: Steve the Stegosaurus

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Through my Eyes: Steve the Stegosaurus

Chapter 4

Finally I made it out of the swamp and continued to travel. I soon began to feel a cool salty breeze blowing by. Not long after I came to the edge of a beach. The vast blue ocean lay ahead of me. It seemed to stretch for miles. I turned away from the ocean and began to walk down the beach. I kept alert. I hate to admit it but my confidence had been shaken by that encounter in the swamp. I heard a hiss, I whirled around to see a dilo standing not far off. I waved my tail at it menacingly, I had defeated plenty of these things before. But it just turned and walked off. I watched it, puzzled. I had clearly threatened it, why hadnโ€™t it reacted? I know I would have. I watched as it began to hunt down a dodo. It ran after the dodo, biting and hissing. Suddenly an unsuspecting trike walked right in front of the dilo just as the dilo was spitting some venom at the dodo. The venom hit the trike and the trike roared in anger, turning on the small dilo. The trike shook its head angrily and rammed its head into the dilo. I knew that the dilo was done for. But then it did something that I would have never done. It looked calmly at the trike, then ran off. The trike followed the dilo but the dilo quickly lost the trike in some near by trees. After I lost site of the dilo I continued to walk on. But my mind stayed with the dilo. While I would have become angry and fought the trike, the dilo remained calm and simply retreated and because the dilo retreated, it survived. It was something that I couldnโ€™t seem to stop thinking about. I was so distracted thinking about it that I didnโ€™t see the danger right in front of me before it was almost to late.

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