Through my Eyes: Steve the Stegosaurus

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Through my Eyes: Steve the Stegosaurus

Chapter 1

My name is Steve the all powerful! Ok maybe it’s just Steve, but even though, shhhhh be quiet and listen to my story, through my eyes. I was very young when two low lv players tamed me. I was their best friend and only protector for a long time. As I leveled up, I saw my tribe grow from two to three to four and so on. I remember the great pride I felt every time one of the survivors hopped onto my back. I helped them to progress and as dangerous predictors and other survivors fell before me I began to feel invincible. And even though “stronger” dinos were tamed by my tribe and they took them into caves and on raids, they never forgot about me. I was always there. Ready to help gather berries, offer comfort, even take a few bullets from turrets on raids.

Now as I look up at the tall towers, listen to the buzz of activity, and roars of various dinos, I can’t help but feel pride for what I helped to build. I thought that nothing could ever take us down. That I was invincible. But maybe... maybe neither my tribe or me where ever as powerful as I thought.

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