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Through my Eyes: Riley the Rex

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Through my Eyes: Riley the Rex

Chapter 1

Tears streamed down my face as I cowered in the thick trees. When the attack first happened I had been frozen still with terror. Then a wall near by collapsed. With out thinking I sprinted, well more like stopped quickly, over to the opening and disappeared into the forest. I kept going, leaving the screams and roars behind me, until exhaustion over took me and I collapsed. When I woke again, I was completely lost. I had never been outside the protective walls of the base before. My mom and dad had said I would go out when I was a bit older. I guess that was happening now. But now I was all alone. Another wave of sadness hit me as I thought about all of this. I was scared, alone, and very very hungry. What sorts of dangers await me now? Oh, and I should probably let you know, my name is Riley the Rex and this is my story.

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