Journey: Chapter 13

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Journey: Chapter 13

“It did nothing, I- I don’t understand. Why it didn’t work?? It worked when Rust did it, why not with me???” Forest said, “It doesn’t matter now, it’s too late.” Nightfall said in a monotone voice as he stared at the ramp.

Forest looked towards the ramp, adult Troodons were marching up the ramp and had surrounded them from any exit. As they cornered them, an old female troodon with grey feathering walked out from other and stared down on Nightfall.

“Nightfall, highest ranking member of the Order under district leaders. Are you him?” The older troodon questioned. “Yes Mira, or is it still madam district leader?” Nightfall snarked out.

“Mira is fine now.” the troodon said, “Carrying on, you have been charged with resignation from the Order. And since you are covered in scares and blood must mean that you killed the two soldiers that we sent after you?” Mira continued. “That is correct.” Nightfall answered blankly.

“Shame, they were good troodons, doesn’t change the judgment we have deemed fair. Anyway, your punishment is the same for any other troodon who resigns or are ousted. Death.” Mira announced. “I knew that was the case.” Nightfall said unfazed and monotoned as she had punished him to Death.

Forest was appalled at what he was hearing, but he kept calm and quiet as they talked to Nightfall. He didn’t want to become the next target.

“And since your friend isn’t questioning us about anything or even asking what is this Order we’re going on about. I presumed you told him and that he’s knows most of what we’re talking about, so he too will also get the same punishment.” Mira exclaimed, Forest felt himself go white as she ended her sentence.

“No, he knows nothing about what we are talking about, he just was a way for me to get out of here.” Nightfall snapped back, “Oh, I doubt that.” Mira said “Considering that he is Forest. The considered leader of the Five and owner of one of the most powerful weapons ever made naturally by the Arks.” Mira Exclaimed.

Forest mouth dropped and he felt himself beginning to shiver. “Y-Y-You know who I am?” Forest finally said, “Oh course dear, we are the Order. We have known for a year, just like most of Fjordur has. Now escort these two the redwoods where their executions will be.” Mira said before pausing. Forest noticed a sound that he had heard before, soon everyone noticed the sound and looked around.

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