The Omega Timeline Chapter Eighteen: Pairing Up and Splitting Up

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The Omega Timeline Chapter Eighteen: Pairing Up and Splitting Up

By PrimalApex

Andrew head throbbed, someone kept continuing hitting him over the head. But in all the chaos he wasn’t sure who was doing it. He felt really bad for fighting with the others. But it seemed no one else felt the same as everyone moved on to deciding to split up.

“I think we should split up and cover the areas we came from first then work our way through this entire place.” Emerald said, everyone seemed to agree to this.

Andrew began to ignore the conversation however and looked over at Samuel and Aragorn. He felt it was quite odd while everyone else was being distrustful, Samuel and Aragorn were both getting along well. Any time he had seen them during his time here, they had been together. And they seemed to cause trouble being together as they seemed to be one of the main and leading causes for this conflict. This slightly concerned Andrew, he felt that they could easily cause more distrust and tension for everyone if they were together.

If they planned trying to choose each other as partners, he might have to intervene. He couldn’t have them stewing on sylveevee’s secret and cause more tension. Or try to go after someone else that didn’t deserve it because they were hiding a secret and cause more distrust.

But who would he choose, well Aragorn and his wife have young kids and while he survived around Sanctuary several times as a kid their age. It wasn’t a place for any kid to go, with or without armor. He then turned his attention over at Samuel’s group. All of them seemed to be teenagers or young adults like most of Andrew’s. They would be better choices, and so he would try to get them to be his group’s partners.

“Well, if it’s alright with you humans. I would like to choose Dr. Yang’s group to pair up with. It would be better to have animals travel through Pandora with us if no one has any objections to that.” Emerald said, Yangs group quickly discussed it quietly for a moment before Buddy came out and looked at Emerald.

“We don’t have any problems with that.” Buddy said,

“YES!!! Let me ride the FLYING SQUIRREL!!!!” Steve said excitedly pointing to Nova, Yang immediately began trying to put Steve back in the pouch, but it became a struggle when he tried to put Steve in the pouch.

While that took place. Samuel stepped up.

“If it’s all the same, I like to go with Ara-” “Samuel, if it’s okay with you. I need you and your friends to pair up with me. Sanctuary isn’t the place for Aragorn’s or Queen Sylveevee’s family to come. And while the Queen’s family can shapeshift, I still think it’s no place for a kid.” Andrew said interrupting Samuel. Samuel and his bird raised their eyebrows at Andrew in suspicion.

“My allies, they aren’t my friends.” Samuel said and he stood their pondering for a moment before turning back to Andrew.

“Alright. We can do that.” Samuel said hesitant, Andrew smiled and looked at the bird. The bird began squawking at him and raised its arms in the air as though a human would. This had Andrew interested in this bird. It didn’t seem to talk, yet it acted more human like than animal. More than any of the animals here.

“Wait, but that only leaves.” Queen Sylveevee said and she turned to Aragorn who looked quite as agitated as she did.

“I don’t like this. I don’t like this one bit.” Aragorn said in distaste,

“For once, I agree.” Queen Sylveevee said.

“You know, this might not be a bad thing.” Andrew said,

“Really? How could this be a good thing?” Aurora asked.

“Well, these two seem to have trust issues more than any of the others. Maybe if they are partnered up, they could learn to get along better.” Andrew answered. Aragorn snorted,

“What? With Princess Purple, never in a million years.” Aragorn answered with disgust.

“So, you aren’t even willing to try?” Sylveevee asked smiling,

“Oh, I’ll give it a try, try to-” “Good, then it’s settled. You and your family will team up with us.” Sylveevee said cutting off Aragorn. Aragorn’s face went red. He definitely didn’t seem happy with his family’s arrangements.

“So is that everything? Any questions needed?” Emerald asked, no one said anything. Aragorn muttered under his breath about Princess Purple.

“Then it is settled, These are the groups we’ve chosen. Our group will start on Pandora, Andrew’s at Sanctuary and Sylveevee’s and Aragorn’s in the city.” Emerald declared. As the groups began to leave the room and gather their things. Andrew stood there relieved. He felt that he may have averted something. But he had a feeling that this might come back and bite him later.

* * * *

Samuel looked at his new partner Andrew, even his clothes seemed to be futuristic. He felt something was off about him. Star seemed to think the same thing with how she acted around him and how she kept staring at him funny. Samuel definitely didn’t feel he could trust him. But he would work with him. At least for a while.

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