The Omega Timeline Chapter Twelve: Oddities and Confusion Part Two

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The Omega Timeline Chapter Twelve: Oddities and Confusion Part Two

The creature’s eyes full of fear stared into Andrew’s. It seemed confused and scared by what was happening.

“I assume you aren’t friendly?” The creature said, Andrew was shocked.

“What? No, I thought you were coming to attack us.” Andrew said. The creature chuckled,

“Why would think that?” The creature said smiling.

“Maybe because you were charging us like you were attempting to attack us.” Freya said.

“Oh…” the creature expressed.

As he said that, the others in his group came over. They stopped once they noticed that Andrew had a loaded bow aimed at the creature.

“Buddy!! Are you alright?” The person said to the creature.

“I’m okay Dr. Yang, I think it was just a misunderstanding.” Buddy said, The man turned to Andrew and stared him down

“Can you please put down the bow so no one gets hurt sir?” Yang exclaimed.

“You can hurt the cowering Purlovia if you want though.” A terror bird said smiling in the back. The other three looked back at him in what seemed like irritation. Andrew lowered the bow and slowly brought his hand with the string back to its resting position. And as magical as the arrow appeared, it disappeared into thin air.

“Thank you.” Yang said, Andrew nodded.

“Now, what is your name?” Buddy asked politely, “He looks like a Henry. We should name him Henry!!” An Omnipresent voice said.

“Steve, Buddy didn’t ask to name him. He asked what is his name! Meaning he probably has a name.” Yang said to the voice.

“I’m still naming him Henry.” The voice muttered,

“My name is Andrew. And I’m sorry to ask, but who’s Steve?” Andrew said.

“I’m Steve.” The voice said, “Okay, but what are you?” Erica asked.

“Well Jillian…” the voice said to Erica, and out from behind Yang’s head came out a squirrel. “I’m a Mammoth.” The squirrel said. Andrew, Freya, Sylas and Erica stood there trying to find words that they could say, but couldn’t find any.

“Pay no attention to him, he’s… not all there.” Yang said reassuring them.

Andrew quickly realized after this how far off topic they got and needed to get things back on track to what happened before. “So since that’s settled and you know my name, why did you come charging at us if not to attack us?” Andrew said to Buddy, trying to straighten things out.

“Oh right, I was gonna ask you if we can come into your house?” Buddy asked,

“Ah, well, this isn’t my house. I don’t even know where we’re at. Me and my friends came here to find out about this place and why we are here.” Andrew said.

“Us too!! And since you don’t own this place Henry and you don’t know where we are at. Do you want to join us on the walk up to the doors of this house to see who knows these important questions?” Steve asked.

“You know, I think we’ll catch up with you all, me and my friends are talk here for moment and then we’ll join you.” Andrew said. The other group nodded and started going towards the stairs. Andrew turn to the others, his head seemed like it was spinning from all that just happened.

“That was… eventful!! But extremely confusing…” Sylas said,

“We aren’t the only ones who are looking for answers.” Erica said.

“I don’t trust them all.” Freya said, everyone paused and looked at her in awe.

“Can we check her to make sure she isn’t a clone, shapeshifter or doppelgänger? Because she doesn’t do this.” Sylas said.

“I trust Yang, he seems trustworthy. I just don’t trust any of the talking animals.” Freya said

“Trust or not, we need to follow them. They are going the same way we are and we need the same answers. We have to be with them for the time being. Does anyone have any questions about this?” Andrew asked, Erica raised her and Andrew nodded his head to approve her request.

“Do you really think of us as friends? We barely know you and you barely know us.” Erica said, Andrew smiled and looked at them.

“You guys saved my life when I needed saving the most, you showed me hospitality when I felt alone and didn’t show you kindness. If I didn’t consider you three friends after all of that. I wouldn’t have deserved being saved.” Andrew said genuinely. The others smiled at this. Andrew turned around and looked up at the stairs. It was going to be a long walk up. But he was use to them.

“Now let try to catch up with those others before they make it to the door.” Andrew said. They all agreed with that and headed towards the stairs.

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