The Omega Timeline Chapter Six: Paradox Event Part Two

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The Omega Timeline Chapter Six: Paradox Event Part Two

A hand raised up into the air from the bushes in front of them and went to go investigate. There on the ground was a woman in partial fur and partial desert gear with blonde hair and blue eyes. Andrew immediately recognized her as Freya.

“Are you okay Freya?” Andrew asked in vein, he couldn’t understand anything she said so far.

“Ja, ja. Jeg har det bra. Men hvor are we? And where’s camp?” Freya said,

“I’m not sure where camp is, but we’re…” Andrew said before he paused, “Freya, what did you say?” Andrew asked.

“I said I’m fine, but where are we and where’s camp? Why are you wondering, you can’t understand what I’m saying?” Freya said in perfect English. Andrew’s eyes widened and mouth dropped.

“Freya, you’re speaking English!” Andrew said in excitement, Freya gave him a concerned yet confused look.

“Andrew, are you okay? Because I don’t speak English. How many fingers am I holding up?” Freya asked as she held up two fingers.

“I’m fine Freya. But YOUR SPEAKING ENGLISH!!! Sylas, back me up!!” Andrew said, Freya turned to Sylas. He seemed very confused.

“Sylas, I think you need to help Andrew sit down. He’s acting very strange.” She said to him, but Sylas eyes went wide.

“No he’s right!! Your lips are moving with your voice now!! Your speaking English!!” Sylas said excitedly.

“What?!” Freya said.

As they discussed this for a moment, Erica came back running up in a panic. Her face was white and she was breathing heavily.

“Erica, what’s wrong?” Freya asked.

“Good to see you Freya, but you three have to see this.” Erica said. The three nodded and followed her as she ran. They followed her to the edge of Sanctuary. Andrew went in awe to what he saw, and the other’s followed suit. They saw the wasteland and the Proto Arks, but beyond that everything else was different. They saw a city behind the desert dome and floating islands where the crater was.

“Where, are we?” Sylas asked.

“I… I don’t know.” Andrew said.

“What do we do though?” Erica asked, Andrew looked at her and he thought for a moment.

“I think we first need to find answers.” Andrew said,

“But where will we get these answers?” Freya asked.

“I have a strong feeling that we will get our answers there.” Andrew said pointing to the flourishing city.

“That seems like a pretty far distant.” Sylas said,

“It sure does, but I think that’s where we’ll get our answers.” Andrew said. And he started walking in that direction.

“Do we follow him?” Sylas asked,

“I don’t think we have a choice, we don’t know where Paul is and Andrew has the most survival experience out of all of us in this environment.” Freya said.

“Freya’s right, but I also think Andrew’s right. I feel that we’ll get our answer from there.” Erica said before running after Andrew. Freya followed after. Sylas stood there in udder confusion.

“Is nobody going to talk about the fact that there was a TALKING MONKEY!! Or how Freya can speak English now, and that the scenery around here changed!!!” Sylas yelled to himself. He groaned after realizing no one heard him and ran off after the others.

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