Journey: Chapter 5

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Journey: Chapter 5

Forest couldn’t hear anything, and the only thing he saw beside the light was his backpack in his grip and he wasn’t letting go of it. He tried to call out for someone but… He couldn’t, he tried his hardest but nothing came out of his mouth. He couldn’t even feel his mouth move.

Then, the light disappeared and he saw an Island and he could feel he was falling, he could see the island getting bigger and bigger and see a beach that he was going to and it all went black…

Forest woke up on a beach in the middle of the night. He was dazed and confused, he couldn’t remember what had just happened, all he remembered was getting a hole ready to put the… It was right in front of him and he screamed so loud he could be heard for a mile.

The Rune, it was with him. He remembered what had happened just before he woke up. Rust had been trying to break the rune using the terminal for the obelisk and he went through with it. It sent him in a big beam of light and he ended up here. He felt lightheaded, his eyes began to blur before everything went black.

He woke up a few minutes later and he hoped what happened was a dream, but the rune was still there. He wondered how it survived hitting the terminal. He also saw his backpack in his talons, he quickly got the rune stuffed into his backpack, and headed off into the jungle.

If he saw Rust, he was going to throw him to some leeches and then throw him in the ocean. And hope he would get bit up by piranhas.

He couldn’t believe that he was going to such a low to think like Crimson would. But he thought the rest would also if it happened to them, if not stoop even lower for what Rust just did. Doing it in fun or not, he could’ve killed anyone of them even after hearing Nyx tell him not to do it. And she and her tribe had the most knowledge about the runes, if she said it was dangerous, It Was DANGEROUS!

All he hoped for now though was that he wasn’t thrown too far away from the Green Obelisk. He didn’t want to miss the celebration.

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