For those beginning to read this story, this is Prologue to Ultimus by PrimalApex.

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For those beginning to read this story, this is Prologue to Ultimus by PrimalApex. A story that goes in reverse aquatic and a couple other creatures that should belong in aquatic (Spino and Shasta). For warning, as I’m currently writing this, it is sad and painful to read. Warning is advised to those who don’t like that sort of thing. I hope you enjoy!!!

Ultimus Prologue

The sun beat down on the earth’s surface. Bare and desolate, the earth dead from an aftermath a millennia before. Nothing left but empty shells of what existed. The earth is in an Extinction event, and may never return from it.

In the far distance comes a noise of metal hitting earth and dropping something the noise continues for some time. The sound was metal clashing earth and tearing earth from earth only to return it to earth. The noise was coming from a man. His eyes were covered with goggles and face covered by bandannas to keep the dust and corrupted element out of his eyes and mouth. He stabbed a pile of dirt with a shovel and placed the dirt in a hole. After some time the hole slowly disappeared. When he was finished, what was a hole became a mound. The man put down his shovel and grabbed a small wooden cross and a hammer. He put the cross down in front of the mound and pounded into the ground with his hammer.

The man took his goggles off and then took off the bandannas showing a young face with hazel green eyes. His eyes red rimmed. He rolled up his sleeves and showed his forearms with no implant. He kneeled down by the cross and said down to the grave “さようなら、旧友よ” as he laid down on the ground and began to weep.

After some time, the man got up. Put his bandannas and goggles on, grabbed his hammer and shovel. and walked away from the grave. He turned and looked back at the grave.

“I will never forget you. I promise.” The man said with the sound of sobbing in his voice.

The man then continued walking away towards the mountains. He climbed up the mountains and passed a strange row of what looked like radio towers. He walked up a path along a cliff face where he walked for some time until he reached a place where the path spit to the right and left. He took the left path which seemed to end at a dead end where a land slide had occurred. He walked up to the land slide and found a crevice that lead into the mountain. The man squeezed his way through and entered on the other side…

What was written on the grave was ‘Rest in Peace, Reuben. For your death was not in vein.’. As for the man, it is inevitable Extinction for him. For he is The Last One. The Last Man on Earth. And Monsters of the Shadows wish to bring his end soon.

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