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Hi, this is PrimalApex. I have been waiting a while to do this story, mainly because the story I had in mind as a sequel in a Alternate Universe (so it’s not canon to it.) to a story called The Obelisk and contains spoilers to The Obelisk. So please read The Obelisk before reading this. I hope you enjoy reading!!

Journey: Prologue

On this quiet evening, an ichthyornis was flying over a small beach at the southern tip of Vennaland in Fjordur. Circling over, he saw something glowing on the beach shore that wasn’t natural. He swooped down and looked to find an active rune.

“Boy, is this my lucky night, First catching a salmon the size of an Ichthyosaur, then stealing a nice amount of kibble off a Pego, Now this!!!”. The Ichthyornis strutted over to the humming object and circled it.

”It is not a moment too soon, the honest thieves' market is at midnight and this will fetch a me something quite nice.” the bird smug and arrogant said to himself. He grabbed the rune and was about to fly away.

“Better not mess with that thing if I were you, mate.” The voice said. The bird turned and saw it was a familiar face, a pegomastax that he had stolen the kibble from.

The Ichthy dropped the rune and started to look in awe, “Awe come on, you chased me all day long without even knowing where I went, all for your stupid treats and you to comment on choice of items to take.” The bird's enjoyment left and turned into irritation rather quickly after seeing the pego.

The pego showing his irritation himself squalled out “No!… Well yeah, but no on the comment of choice of items. I am trying to warn you about the thing you’re about to fly away with.”

The bird looked at the rune and back at the pego. “Yeah, it’s a rune. Big deal, but not life-threatening. It not like-”

“Wrong,” the pego quickly said cutting in. “The rune is active and if it has a bond, it can be very dangerous. They are strongly possessive and are dangerous against those that don’t help the rune or the rune’s owner find each other.”.

The bird just laughed and hollered after hearing the pego say that. “That’s a hot one. A pego trying to tell an ichthy that a rune can be ‘dangerous’ if it has bonded with another animal beforehand.”

The bird said and in irritation strutted to the pego “Your mejoberry must’ve slid off your meat if you think I am gonna fall for that.” The bird remarked, “I mean come on, the only reason you want me to leave it alone is so you can take it back with the rest of your PRECIOUSES. And, I am not falling for it.”.

Before the pego could say anything, the bird quickly got in the air and went for the rune. He quickly grabbed it in his mouth and took off towards the mountains. The pego didn’t even get time to process what happened. He started to walk away when he heard an unearthly sound and an explosion after. He heard two thuds behind him, so he turned around to see smoke rising at the far edge of the beach.

As he got closer, he saw the rune and an object smoking that was a lot larger. It was the ichthy, but now roasted and smelled like cooked dodo. The feathers were almost as if it was plucked before being cooked. The pego looked over at the rune. It was glowing as if nothing had happened.

“I told you not to mess with that mate.” the pego said to the roasted meat. He grabbed it and saw something familiar about this particular rune.

“Awe come on, how am I the guy to find the exact rune I tried to steal from that young drake? Now how am I gonna find the little fella? It’s not like he’s a famous creature on Fjordur or anything. It's going to hard trying to find the little kid, especially a Drake, they are such shy creatures.” The pego said complaining to himself.

The Pego grabbed the rune and took off in the direction he came from to head for his hole to rest before setting on a journey that he thought could take months. However, it wouldn’t take as long as he had thought.

This story however is not going to follow this pegomastax and his journey, but it will follow the person he is looking for and his friends. As the story of The Five has not ended yet…

Tune in Wednesday for chapter one!!!!

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