The Omega Timeline Chapter Twelve: Oddities and Confusion Part One

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The Omega Timeline Chapter Twelve: Oddities and Confusion Part One

Andrew, Freya, Erica and Sylas walked through the night. Everything seemed normal going through the wasteland, except for having normal corrupted creatures and that they went through a normal day/night. It was extremely quiet walk through the wasteland. But as dawn broke they stepped into what seemed like a different dimension. They walked into an older looking city that seemed to be a strange mix of old and older buildings compared to what Erica and Andrew were use to. None of which felt like they fit together like a real city.

As they continued walking through the streets, they noticed that both humans and animals walked them. With some of the animals talking to humans. This confused all four of them.

“I guess it isn’t only monkeys that speak here.” Sylas said,

“Why is anything talking here? Sure, parrots can repeat what humans say and apes are known to learn sign. But nothing can speak and converse with humans in deep dialogue. So why is everything talking here? We’ve gone into complete fiction!” Erica said.

“You mean more fiction than giant space stations that hold most of what remains of Earth’s life?” Sylas remarked, Erica looked over at him and gave him a deathly glare.

“Guys, quit arguing about what is fiction and nonfiction. It’s not helping out our situation. All we know is two things. One, we aren’t on Earth. And Two, nothing here works like our natural order.” Andrew said,

“So then what is this? A simulation? Workings of another advanced alien race in our universe? What could all this be?” Erica asked.

“I don’t know, but we need to find the answer to that question and another question. Why are we here.” Andrew said,

“Well, if you’re looking for answers in place that seems unusual. Then look for the place that stands out the most to get the answers.” Sylas said,

“We did do that, but we haven’t found anything yet. We need to continue looking.” Freya said. Sylas shook his head,

“I wasn’t talking about that… I was talking about that.” Sylas said as he pointed in a direction. The other’s looked and saw a floating mansion with nothing holding it up but a staircase from the front door to the ground. Something that definitely didn’t belong in the city they were in.

Andrew stared at the building for a moment. The longer he stared at it, the more he felt… drawn to it. He couldn’t help but feel that was the place they were looking for. Andrew took a step and started walking towards it.

“Andrew? Where are you going? Shouldn’t we plan this out before going there?” Erica asked, Andrew didn’t answer. He just continued walking towards the mansion. Erica turned around and looked at Freya and Sylas.

“We are going to talk this through before walking blindly to that place. Right?” Erica asked, Freya walked past Erica and headed towards the mansion with Andrew. Erica looked back at Sylas in confusion.

“We aren’t right?” Erica asked Sylas,

“I don’t think we are, I feel that we need to go there.” Sylas said as began to run over to the others. Erica looked at the three walking and was in flabbergast. Yet, she had the same feeling.

“What is that supposed to mean!?… Hey, wait for me!!” Erica said as she ran towards the three.

* * * *

Andrew heard each of the others come to him one by one. And as they got closer to the mansion. They noticed four others at the bottom of the staircase, only one of which looked like a human. Andrew looked back at the others, none of his group seem to have any of their weapons from before. He stopped and turned around.

“Stay behind me, we don’t know if they’re friendly and I’m the only one with a weapon in our group.” Andrew said as he pulled out his bow. He didn’t completely activate it though, he didn’t want to aggravate them into a fight nor did he yet know if they were friend or foe.

As they got closer to the staircase, they began to hear a conversation of the five ahead. One of the creatures turned its head towards Andrew and the others. Almost immediately the creature started running towards them, and Andrew heard Sylas beginning to scream.

‘So much for not trying to provoke them.’ Andrew thought and he activated the bow and bow expanded to its proper size. Andrew drew back the string and almost like magic, an arrow that seemed to be made of pure energy appeared. Andrew continued to hold it back to let more energy charge up in the tek arrow. The charging creature saw the bow and it started skidding as it tried to stop in its tracks. Andrew and the others watched as the creature stopped and hunkered down ten feet in front of them. The creature looked up at Andrew, its eyes wide with fear.

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