The Omega Timeline Chapter Six: Paradox Event Part One

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The Omega Timeline Chapter Six: Paradox Event Part One

Story by Ben, Sunnyfox, Wyvernian, PrimalApex, MrGhostGamer and maybe others in the future

Chapter by PrimalApex

Andrew woke up somewhere in Sanctuary. His head throbbed and his vision slightly blurred. He slowly sat up using his hand to hold him up. He looked around his surroundings and saw he was on the east side of Sanctuary, near the obelisk. He could remember everything that happened up to an unknown period in time. He had a slight recollection of coming across four, maybe six people with strange objects in their left wrists who called themselves ‘Survivors’ but couldn’t remember much besides that. He heard a groan from behind him and looked. One of them was further behind him and was beginning to sit up. She was young, around the same age as him around her early twenties with jet black hair wearing some sort of desert gear. He slowly got up and walked over to her. When he saw her face, he remembered what name she gave him. Erica Stevens.

“You okay Erica?” Andrew asked, Erica looked up at him and seemed to be surprised to see him. She wiped her eyes with her other hand and looked back at him.

“Oh, Hi… Andrew isn’t it?” She said puzzled, Andrew nodded in confirmation. He reached his hand out to help her up. She grabbed it and Andrew pulled her up.

“Do you know what happened? Why we we’re on the ground and where the other’s are at?” Erica asked him.

“I don’t, I was about to ask you the same thing.” He said, she immediately started walking away and began shouting for the other’s



“Paul!!! Anyone!!!”

“Erica, calm down. We don’t need to attract unwanted attention. ” Andrew said quietly realizing they were still in a dangerous area, whether or not it was Sanctuary. He quickly looked down at his belt and check for weapons in him. His Tek knife and bow were both there. He sighed in relief to see that. But Erica ignored him and started shouting louder in panic.


“Paul Ridley!!!”

“Sylas Fennec-”

“Can you please stop yelling my name!! I’m trying to sleep!!!” A muffled male voice shouted from a distance behind them. Erica started running towards where it came from, Andrew ran after her.

A few moments later, both stumbled across a short man with red curly hair in the same style gear as Erica. His face was planted straight in the ground and he was in a dead man position. He was breathing though, and his right hand twitched. Erica sighed in relief. Andrew slowly recognized the man they were standing above. A man named Sylas Fennec.

“Fennec!! Are you okay?” Erica asked,

“Go away Erica!! I’m trying to sleep!” Sylas whined.

“Sylas, get up!!! Something happened!!” Erica said in irritation. Sylas lifted his head up and looked around, he sat there confused for a moment. Then he he looked over his shoulder to Erica.

“Uh, Where’s camp?” Sylas asked,

“We don’t know, but we need to find the others.” Erica said. Erica helped Sylas get up and he looked over at Andrew and nodded.

“Well, it looks like you found one of them. Good to see you again Capt. Roger’s.” Sylas joked while smiling. Andrew chuckled at the joke.

“Good to see you to Sylas.” He replied,

“We need to find the others.” Erica repeated.

“And we’re going to do that. Bu-” But Erica ran off in a direction starting to yell names again. Sylas walked next to Andrew.

“Is she always like this?” Andrew asked,

“Pretty much. The only person she listens to is Paul.” Sylas said nodding his head.

“Well we better catch up with her before we loose sight of her.” Andrew said.

Andrew and Sylas began to run after her, but Sylas tripped over a root and fell to the ground in the path of a Mesopithecus.

“Hey!! I’m Walkin’ Here!!!” The little monkey said before kicking Sylas in the back of the head and running away into the brush. Both Andrew and Sylas mouths’ were wide open in awe.

“I’m sorry, did that monkey just speak?” Andrew asked in shock.

“That monkey just spoke.” Sylas said in awe.

“We need to find get to Erica, NOW.” Andrew said, Andrew helped up Sylas. As he helped him up, they heard a groan coming from the brush around them.

“What was that?” Sylas asked quietly,

“I’m not sure…” Andrew said, “Anyone out there?” He shouted.

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