Journey: Chapter 2

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Journey: Chapter 2

Forest curled up on his ledge after finishing his dinner. He stared at the rune, not everything was bad about the rune. He just couldn’t trust having around him anymore.

He shook his head and tried to think about something else. He began to think about how that adventure changed all of them. He and Crimson probably changed the most. With him, he wasn’t afraid of change as much as he was before. He went from a panicky little drake to well more like an average creature.

Crimson changed the most, she was welcoming, happy, and less tense. Well unless Rust was around her. Then she acts pretty similar to herself when he first met her. But other than when Rust is around, she is fun to be around and is fairly open.

Rust hadn’t changed that much, but he acted more like a big deal than any of the others. And in some cases he would be more than the average pain to Crimson. But they were good friends to each other. He loved the attention being one of The Five got him, maybe just a little bit too much.

Nyx had changed, but in ways that weren’t good. She blamed herself for the deaths of Moonbeam and her brother Orbit. Forest and the others felt they were all equally responsible for their deaths but Nyx believed she was the only one who deserved the blame and a punishment. She worried that it might happen again. To one of them, her Father, her Mother or younger sibling. She carried the burden of Fjordur on her back from that time. With the hardest hitting ones not being her fault or her burdens to carry.

Spark is probably the only one who haven’t as drastically as the others. Spark hasn’t really changed at all. But she has been busy. Since Jethezzar’s defeat, she only done one thing. Looked for her brother, she has been hunting him down for the past year and hasn’t found anything.

To most people’s surprise, Emperor Avalanche was still alive and very healthy and had announced that he was holding a one-year anniversary celebration for the five defeating Jethezzar in two days. Forest didn’t really see why they needed to have a celebration for what they did. Neither did most of the five, Nyx and Rust however were enthusiastic about the idea. Nyx always loves a celebration that has activities to do and is always up for one. Rust was excited only for the reason that they get more of the spotlight on Fjordur.

But Forest had been thinking about it for the past month. If he was going to the celebration, he was going to make sure that Rust would be humble for the celebration. And that none of the five would take any gifts from the people, they would be there only to celebrate and to have fun.

Forest yawned and looked towards his parents' cave on the other side of their cave, this reminded him of the way he left the cave to search for the five the first time. He lowered his head and fell asleep.

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