Journey: Chapter 1

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Journey: Chapter 1

Forest sat on a cliff above his family’s cave and stared out over the Fjordur sunrise. He thought to himself that this would never get old. It has been almost a year since he and his friend defeated Jethezzar with the rune. He still was a juvenile, but he was treated more like an adult now.

And he has enjoyed almost every sunrise and sunset ever since. He was truly grateful for most things that happened to him after the Basilisk or Peeri told him he and four others would save Fjordur.

He sighed and looked to his left, not all things from that time were good and some things he was just unsure of. There next to him was the rune. He wasn’t sure how it was possible, Forest remembered how he got it back and began to think about it.

After the rune disappeared. He thought it destroyed itself. However, a couple of weeks later, the pegomastax that had previously tried to steal the rune from him came back with it in hand. He had said something about coming across it and argued with a very unfortunate Ichthy and thought it belonged to him. Forest was amazed and shocked by seeing it, it indeed looked like the rune from before.

To make sure that it was indeed his, he went to the Shadowmane tribe. Where Nyx explained that it was indeed the same one.

“There are a very small number of runes for the size of this place and the realms but the number is still growing, but still there are only around 200 right now though. Each having their own unique markings and color patterns. This has the same markings and patterns as the one before, it would be almost impossible for this to be another to be to resemble this even slightly, let alone identical.” Nyx said while studying the green glowing object.

“But how are you sure this is the one I had a few weeks ago?” Forest asked.

Nyx looked up at him and gave a curious look at him, “I wouldn’t dare forget what it looked like or what patterns it had. This is the one.”

Forest was amazed by all this, he wondered why the rune returned to him and what this could all mean for the five. He thanked Nyx for the help to identify if it was the same and went home with the rune.

But as time passed, his thoughts changed and he kept thinking about ways to get rid of it. He kept remembering the story of the shadowmane that went mad and that the rune killed him and his friends and fear filled him the worst scenarios. What if he was to become like that shadowmane? He had thought and attempted many different ways to get rid of it, but they all ended the same way. The rune returned to him every time. But he had a surefire plan this time that couldn’t fail.

“Forest, come down!! It’s time for dinner!” Forest looked down and saw his sister Ri out of the cave waving and yelling for him to come for dinner.

“Coming Ri!” Forest replied and quickly grabbed the rune and descended the cliff towards home.

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