Inescapable death chapter 9

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Inescapable death chapter 9

Storm The Second flew over the landscape of the arena on the back of his onyc. He looked around the arena, searching, and saw that the four troodons were still alive elsewhere in the arena from where he'd seen Cinder attack them, they must've escaped.

He flew down on his onyc to attack, the creature screeching as it descended like a demonically possessed meteorite.

Storm II landed with his bat behind the troodons, the onyc's screaming had already prevented a sneak attack. So he went for the second best option.

"Hello" he said in his irritatingly carefree way. The troodons leapt around to face him, "we've been waiting" said all four troodons, Sapphire leapt, Storm II easily dodged, falling into the talons of Zéta. "The benefits of a pack are beyond doubt worth the annoyances" Théta said.

"Why are you three here anyway? Sapphire's the only one who cares about killing me"

"Excuse us, I think that you will find we both want to as well" Zéta and Éta replied.

"Whatev-" Storm II started to say, until the moon rose the crucial smidget over the evening horizon and the troodons eyes lit up like eight giant very sinister fireflies,

Even Storm The Second knew not to annoy a troodon at night, they were very unpredictable. "And I go by Alpha now" corrected Alpha/Sapphire "Zéta did it for the pack acronym and apparently all of us have to be letters for some reason"

"What pack acronym?"

"Before Alpha joined, we were just Z.É.T,




Our newest member added the crucial 'A' to the end to become





Abbreviated as Z.É.T.A" Zéta explained.

"We should really get you to join it, then we can rearrange the initials" Théta said, clearly only Éta and Zéta understood, they were making rapid clicking sounds in troodon speak that seemed a lot like laughing.

"What? Why?" Alpha asked, confused as Storm II,

Z, É and T barked something that sounded like "Haeech, klik! Klik! Eeaaaiiie!! Scatr" to Alpha in troodon, and she too looked highly amused.


"What? Why?" Sapphire asked, the other three of Z.É.T.A replied "Éta at the front of the name, you after, Théta after that, Zéta second last, Storm II last" in troodon, Alpha thought about it 'É. . . A. . . T. . . Z. . . Storm II'

She attempted to stifle troodon language laughter,

as a rule, all troodons have a cruel sense of humour.

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