The megalocarnophobiadiceratosicario (the ridiculously…

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The megalocarnophobiadiceratosicario (the ridiculously long name is deliberately that long, roughly translates to

"great meat eating fear with two horns murderer"

The megalocarnophobiadiceratosicario, or MCPDCS.

Was a massive monster from the dunes of scorched earth,

MCPDCS was HUGE he was bigger even than a titan!

He looked like a giant snake, his body as large around as a titanosaur, with a massive carno like head and jagged teeth that could tear down whole mountains,

He swam under the dune sea, feeding on alpha deathworms and swallowing whole villages off the map when he felt like it,

But one day, the overseer of scorched earth, the manticore, and the two other guardians of scorched decided that he was causing too much of a problem, they sent it to the manticore's homeland,

Where it battled the manticore, the battle was finally ended when the manticore flew down MCPDCS's throat and tore apart the monster's innards,

And megalocarnophobiadiceratosicario's bones still lie in the manticore arena.

~P. Metallica

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