The abyss chapter 1

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The abyss chapter 1

By Poecilotheria metallica

A lone ichthyosaur swam through a deep ocean, it's huge eyes darting between rocks and crevices where food might be hiding.

The ichthy saw a coelacanth swimming around to the left,

And darted at it at full speed.

It pecked at the fish's fins and swallowed it whole,

The ichthy looked around, and behind it was a massive megalodon, suddenly a cloud of red appeared behind the megalodon, and it floated to the seafloor, half of it's body bitten off.

When the blood cloud cleared, a mosasaur looked back at the ichthyosaur, holding the megalodon's rear half in it's jaws,

"What is an ichthy doing this deep down?" The gargantuan lizard said,

"There is no food left near the surface, it has been taken by survivors" the ichthy replied,

"Survivors! How come the leedsicthi not destroy their rafts?"

"They come not on rafts, but on the backs of plesis and mosasaurs that they have somehow bent to their will" the ichthyosaur said.

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