The nameless hunting song:

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The nameless hunting song:

Your light is gone, your goat's run out of power.

You can't do more, you don't have a plant-Y flower.

Don't resist, we know you're here, there's no point hiding anymore.

Now as you watch, the door caves in,

Don't run and hide,

You'll soon be ours.

You're about to be one of us.

Down in the deep,

The river will awaken you from death's sleep.

You're about to be one of us.

You can't escape,

You can't fight,

You can't hide,

The nameless are coming.

We have ways to find you.

You cannot get away,

So you might wanna pack as much living in two minutes as you can!








Nameless. . .

That's what we are,

And soon enough,

you're about to be just the same.

Jussssst the sssssssame.

The nameless are coming,

Don't try running.

Your humanity is over now,

You're about to be one of us.

You're about to be one with us.

You know it's too late to get away,

So why don't you come and stay?

Goodbye, and hello.

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