Always put a tracking device on your ichthy.

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Always put a tracking device on your ichthy. I once had an ichthy called mini on mobile, mini was a good tame, she never failed when I needed her, she was the first way I got to herbivore island, she could take me to all the best hunting beaches, but then one day I thought 'hey mini's such a good tame let's see if I can go around the whole island on her' so I tried I was doing well, I'd already got from my home in the footpaw to the sandspit near the red obelisk, but then mini started to get hungry, I went and looked for food for her and found a moschops, but it didn't give me much meat so I decided to go after a gallimimus it escaped, but when I got back to where I left mini she was gone, no death message no gap in my tame list just gone, for months I searched that sandspit for mini, but to no avail, one day a year after I'd lost her I was running low on tame slots, I knew I had to unclaim her, even now when I visit that sandspit I think I see her but I never do. RIP Mini πŸ¬πŸ’—

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