Draconis tales chapter 50, the final chapter

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Draconis tales chapter 50, the final chapter

Amethyst flapped down to the ground and walked around the last corner of the cavern for stealth, he and the others walked through the small exit at the end of the crystal cave, into the massive crater of an extinct volcano, it was rimmed with crystals like the ones in the cavern, and at the back of it there was a single large tarpit, the only evidence of it's volcanic past.

And just before the tarpit was a huge throne made of red and black crystals, and on it was a truly massive red wyvern,

She was at least five times the size of a fire, and ten times the size of a crystal wyvern, her garnet red crystals crowded for space all over her neck and shoulders, in each one there was an image of what a higher heir was seeing, several crystals showed a swarm of heirs circling drake mountain and battling with rock drakes, while another clump showed them in the outskirts of the lunar tundra, being mainly obliterated by managarmrs,

And another clump still showed them besieging a wyvern volcano,

And she wore a skull mask covering the top part of her head.

"How amusing" the crystal queen said, flicking her tail, "four dragons here attempting to kill me"

Her yellow eyes narrowed behind the eye sockets of the mask, and a vortex of heirs of every type and colour flapped up from behind the giant crystals around the crater,

"I did think I sensed a crystal wyvern, but it's hard to tell with all these crystals and heirs" she continued.

The heirs dived from every direction towards the crystal queen, grouping into the shape of a single massive wyvern.

"Ok, this was admittedly not expected" Bluefeathers whispered nervously as the massive group of heirs got to it's feet,

Amethyst and Obsidian flapped into the sky,

Amethyst filled his third lung with moisture from the air to boil.

And he heard the tell-tale whistle of Lupus filling his ice sac and preparing to shoot an ice-beam.

He flapped towards the massive swarm, looking for the weak points where the heirs joined their tails and talons together, just as he was about to shoot a stream of water at a place where two heirs had twisted their tails together, he saw the massive tail of the wyvern shaped swarm coming quickly towards him, the several hundred wyverns that it was made up of all with their talons out, he tried to dodge it, but it hit him and he felt several talons ripping through his flesh, he blasted the boiling water out of his mouth at the heirs and quickly blew his side with warm, crystal infused steam, the pain started to reside and he flew back up.

He blasted a huge stream of water at a blood heir that had broken away from the swarm and was dive bombing him,

Scalding It's scales and waterlogging it's wings, causing it to fall out of the sky and be impaled on a sharp rock far below.

He saw Lupus and the direwolf near the bottom, attempting to destroy the swarm's feet and force it to break apart,

But a tropical heir blasted water out at them and sent them flying backwards into a giant crystal, both of them where knocked unconscious by the crystal's energy bursting from the crack.

He saw Obsidian spiraling out of the air with a tear in her wing.

And soon Bluefeathers was caught and flung away by a group of heirs, landing near Obsidian and Lupus.

He dodged out of the way of a burst of flames from an ember and

attacked a tropical with his talons, pulling it out of the swarm so hard that it's whole tail pulled off and he heard the crystal queen screech in pain somewhere in the swarm's massive head.

'that must have been a higher heir' he thought.

Searching for any more, he saw an ember with flames coming off of it's golden scales.

Diving towards the ember, he shot a stream of water at it.

Some went into it's flame sac and prevented it from breathing fire, while the rest extinguished it's flaming scales.

Diving closer, he raked his talons across the heir's scales,

Then grabbed it's crystals and pulled them out,

Without any hivemind, it disappeared into the swarm and was torn apart by the others,

'that's tropical and ember down' Amethyst thought

'so where is blood'

Soon after the ember heir died, a huge chunk fell out of the swarm's side, taking it's entire left wing with it,

And it looked like the tropical heir's wing had already fallen.

Amethyst looked around for any blood wyvern that looked particularly significant, but before he could find it, the head of the swarm turned and shot a massive stream of blood-venom at him.

Amethyst flew out of control dodging the blood-venom and was grabbed by the tail in the mouth of another heir, which tossed him away, he flapped his wings to soften his landing.

And landed near where the others had,

"Quickly, this should be when she'll be annoyed enough" Bluefeathers said.

"Just play dead and be ready to shove your tail down her throat"

Amethyst did as Bluefeathers instructed, and, sure enough,

The crystal queen flapped out of the open mouth of the swarm towards them.

"Well, you have been troublesome little varmints" she snarled,

"But now I have you-" "NOW!" Bluefeathers said,

Amethyst pushed his tail into the crystal queen's mouth before she could finish her sentence, and every heir in the crater yelled "AND AFTER I'VE GOT RID OF YOU, I'LL GET ON WITH KILLING EVERY CRYSTAL WYVERN THAT ISN'T AN HEIR"

"Yes" said Bluefeathers, "and you've just told that to countless wyverns all over the crystal jungle, not to mention every other species of draconic"

The crystal queen roared in anger, but Bluefeathers quickly whipped her tail at her and Glowyrm leapt out of her head feathers and bit at the crystal queen's eyes,

Obsidian flapped her wings,

blowing the massive crystal wyvern off her feet, and Amethyst blasted boiling water out of his mouth at her,

she paused inches from the edge of the tarpit,

And Bluefeathers uncamouflaged mid leap and went into a glide.

Bluefeathers's tail hit the crystal queen between the eyes and she fell backwards into the pit,

Obsidian blasted flames at it,

and the tar caught fire just as the crystal queen plummeted into it.

"NOOOOOOOO!" The giant crystal wyvern screamed.

She fell into the pit,

becoming totally submerged for a few seconds, before half crawling half swimming back to the surface covered in burning tar.

Her bone mask started to crack and whistle before exploding into tiny shards,

Then one of her eyeballs melted and dripped into the pit, as she screeched in pain, one by one most of the crystals on her neck lost all colour and dropped into the pit or exploded,

And slowly, as the flames licked up her face and she sank into the tar, she said

"This... is not... over"

Before sinking completely into the flaming pitch,

All of the heirs dropped to the ground, totally dead,

"That's a sign she's definitely either dead doesn't have enough crystals to control the heirs" Amethyst said,

"Let's hope it's the former" Obsidian replied.

This is the end of Draconis tales, but soon I'll start writing

The isle of the griffins in Griffin section

(By the way I apologise for making this chapter LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNG)

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