You materialize in the bog biome, HLN-A floating beside…

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You materialize in the bog biome, HLN-A floating beside you, you walk to a wet patch to drink, the water tastes vile but after the sulfurous taste of the water in the volcano biome it's like tasting paradise, you think about the scaly egg you just got, knowing it will hatch into a fearsome magmasaur, you pat the leathery scales of your X-parasaur, it did well getting you out of the volcanic eruption, then suddenly something long and white shoots from above and sticks to your parasaur, the terrified animal honks in distress as it is hauled into the canopy, you look up then with a thud the body of your para drops to the ground totally drained of blood with just three slits on its side, you look up again, and another white streak comes down, hitting you and pulling you up, you feel stabbing pain, see six gangly limbs, four bright red emotionless eyes, you feel something inside your body, like you're deflating, you feel unable to breath, you drop to the ground, dead

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