pego song:

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pego song:

Although I am a herbivore,

I often come to your door,

Then pounce on you and filch,

And possibility to reclaim your things is then zilch,

Humans hate us quite a lot,

And call us names that repeat I'd rather not,

They wish that we should rot,

So in our homes we scheme and plot,

To steal everything of their belonging,

And then we hear their shrieks of longing,

And cackle in the trees,

As catching up they start to wheeze,

Until they topple in the breeze,

And then we run run run away,

'cos those humans ain't catching up today,

The humans think us thieves,

As we run and hide inside the leaves,

But we don't care,

To find us in our homes the humans never dare,

Because we live alongside raptors,

And other things with larger jaws,

So in our paws,

Remains the bounty of our banditry,

To be hidden 'til the humans die,

As we run we screech this song,

As the humans chase along,

Until the light is long gone,

Then we tell our tales of thieving,

Until the moon starts leaving,

And then...

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