So one day when I was new to abberation, with nothing but…

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So one day when I was new to abberation, with nothing but some cloth armour a slingshot and a stone hatchet I saw a karkinos coming towards my humble home of nothing more than a hexagon of wooden foundations and a fire, I was to low to fight it but I still tried and failed, then I saw it had killed my beloved bulbsog, my first tame, I rushed back to where I died grabbed the hatchet and attacked it, swimming further out into the lake I was able to lure the horrid beast to the bottom and get it stuck there, it was my first victory against a karkinos, or anything other than dodos, I tamed new bulbdogs and lived with them in my hexagon of foundations until I was fed up enough with the total lack of any wood or thatch in my area and changed to god mode, soon I dove into the lake to see how deep it went and found a karkinos, unmistakably the karkinos that killed my bulbdog, I tamed her and named her scissor, she has been a loyal and useful tame ever since

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