Inescapable death chapter 5

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Inescapable death chapter 5

Sapphire looked at the three other troodons,

She'd never met Théta before. Always having suspected him of being dead.

"If you plan on, A, killing us, B, asking the location of Storm II, or C, dropping dead. Leave" Zéta said.

"I'll give you credit, you were pretty close with B, but I was actually planning on recruiting you to help kill him" she replied,

"And stabbing us in the back afterwards" Éta said drily.

"Well, actually that part is to decide who gets to eat him" Sapphire said, "isn't that fair, there are three of you and one of me, so you're more likely to get the varmint anyway, all I ask is being vaguely alive to see him bleed to death"

"Sounds a lot like a trap" Said Théta.

"We should vote on it" suggested Éta,

"Agreed" Zéta replied.

There was a lot of whispering among the troodons that Sapphire didn't catch, and they all turned to face her.

"We will allow a temporary truce" Z É and T all said inerfect unison,

"However, it is decided by our pack code that your name must be changed to Alpha, the abbreviation suits us all, except you"

Sapphire thought about the abbreviation to herself

'Zéta. . . Éta. . . Théta. . . Alpha. . . Z, É, T. . . A'

"Did you literally just name a temporary pack after yourself, Zéta?!"

"Ssssorry, too late to resign" Zéta said.

"Anyway, let Z.É.T.A begin it's hunt for a pesky petite pithecus of putrid proportions!"

Éta said.

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