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Through my Eyes: Riley the Rex

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Through my Eyes: Riley the Rex

Chapter 3

The cold wind swirled around me. The eerie creaking of unsteady ice only adding to the lonely, sorrowful feel of this frigid place. I wondered across the frozen place. Basically just feeling sorry for myself, as I walk aimlessly on. With out me realizing it, darkness began to engulf me. Yips and howls began to fill the air. Finally I took notice of my surroundings. I could see glimpses of shadows as a pack of creatures began to close in on me. A low rumble echoed around me. I looked around frantically, fear once more filling my mind. Suddenly a huge dark grey direwolf stepped out of the shadows. Itโ€™s hostile eyes starring right at me. More direwolves surrounded me. I coward away from the one in the lead. It seemed to study me, to weigh my threat to them. Then, with a growl, it turned and disappeared into the night. The rest of the pack following his lead. Disappearing to go hunt some other helpless prey. A chill went down my spine as I realized it was only my appearance that had kept the pack at bay. I hurried on, doing my best to melt into the darkness like I had seen the direwolves do. This was by far the most ominous place I had ever come across.

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