Through my Eyes: Riley the Rex

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Through my Eyes: Riley the Rex

Chapter 2

I would have stayed, cowering in the trees, but soon I began to see things moving around. Other dinos began to get bolder and come closer and closer. So I moved on. I was terrified, every little sound made me jump. Soon I noticed the ground beginning to slope upwards. It became increasingly difficult to walk, then I heard a screech come from above. An Argy swooped down towards me. Panicked, I turned to run, racing back down the mountain. I tripped over a rock and rolled a couple times before I came to a stop against a tree. I scratched around for a bit as I tried to get my tiny arms under me, and finally managed to push myself up with my snout. I looked up towards the mountain, fearing that the argy was still after me. But it wasnโ€™t, it was fighting a saber. I backed up slowly, then hurried away as fast as possible. More tears streamed down my face, I missed my home. There I was safe, I knew everyone there and I was never in danger. Out here, I didnโ€™t know what to do. Everything was so different. I just wanted to go home.

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