Acid the Dilo part 22

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Acid the Dilo part 22

If I was a YouTube and this was in a YouTube video then this would go into one of those 300 iq videos! One time I had been being attacked by something or other when I had to quickly leave the game for what ever reason. I left so fast that I just exited the game. I didnโ€™t even let it save I just clicked the home button. The next time I signed in the creature was gone. As I sat there thinking about what was about to happen in my game that memory came back to me. When I had signed out right I had just simply clicked the home button. With hands shaking I reopened ark. The game seemed to load in more slowly then usual. When I finally got in I couldnโ€™t believe my eyes. There was Acid right in front of me, alive. All the attackers, the carno, the carbonemys, and the raptors were gone. The only creatures left were Acid, Toxic, Karma, Sniper, and Coldflame. Oh yeah did I mention that the raptor had tamed during all this.

Part 23 coming soon!

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