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Acid the Dilo part 20

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Acid the Dilo part 20

Bam bam bam! Before I new it the carno was right on top of me. I slashed at it with my sword desperately trying to escape. Suddenly with a hiss and screech my 4 Dilos leaped to my defense. They distracted the carno just long enough for me to scramble onto a rock and start loosing arrows at it. Before I new it the carno fell to the ground dead. My heart still pounding I slowly climbed off of the rock to examine the dead body. Acid and the Dilos were already harvesting it and it soon disappeared. But before it disappeared I couldn’t help but think to myself that that is a very cool looking Dino. “What are you staring at?” Acid asked as she walked up to me. “Nothing” I replied. We continued on through the forest, still on the hunt for raptors. That night we spent under a tree. I held my torch out in front of me huddling in the rig of yellow light it cast. No madder how much gear and powerful dinos I get the dark still makes me nervous. All that night 2 little compys kept coming right up to me making some noise then running off into the night. They were a real pest but they weren’t offering any threat so I left them. Much to Acids disappointment. “Hissss, get out of here you little insect” Acid hissed at one of them on one of the occasions they came to bother us. “Leave them be they’re not hurting anything.” I said to Acid as I patted her on the head. By the time morning came they must have become bored of their little game because they disappeared. “Lucky for them. If they would have still been here they would have been breakfast.” Acid said.

Part 21 coming soon!

(Btw did I never post part 18? I found part 19 but not 18.)

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