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Acid the Dilo part 18

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Acid the Dilo part 18

Raptor hunt! Did I read that right?! Yup. That was what the pursuit said. I nervously read it again. I didn’t want to go after raptors. But I wanted to complete more pursuits. I hopped out of my front door. “Acid” I called. Acid immediately came walking up to me. I smiled, she was always there for me. I explained my dilemma too her. She listened patiently. “So what do you think?” I asked finally. “Well you know I’m always up for an adventure.” She began, but seeing I was still unconvinced she decided to boost my confidence. “Just the other day we took out three trikes with out so much as a scratch. If you use some bolas then they shouldn’t even be able too attack and finally you have me and the others. Don’t you think I could handle a couple of raptors, especially with the others helping me?” I thought about what Acid had said for a moment. “Well I guess your right.” I looked around my little clearing. Toxic, Karma, and Sniper were wondering around. They looked bored, maybe a hint would be nice. “Ok” I said finally. “Let’s do it.” And with that I gathered the resources and set out with my 4 faithful Dilos to hunt down and kill 5 raptors.

Part 19 coming soon!

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